The Amplification Set - Fluorite, Pyrite and Geode Crystal Set

The three stones contained in this 'Amplification Set' each have their unique benefits: 



Fluorite is a stone that protects its owner from outside influences, especially on a psychic level. It allows you to discern between what is truly you and in which areas of life you are being led astray by others or the influence of the media. In this set, you will receive a green or green and violet fluorite, which amongst the different types of fluorites existing in this world, are the ones that are the most supportive when it comes to stimulating the third eye and your psychic abilities. The colors in this set help shine a light on what is going on with you subconsciously, allowing you to work on dissipating outdated information and mental conditioning. 


Pyrite (Fool's Gold)

Pyrite, also known as fools gold is an excellent stone for generating abundance throughout your home and your life. It is a metallic sulfide mineral, which is easily recognizable by the perfect cubic structures around the outside of this crystal. This gem helps those who are chronically lethargic and in desperate need of the ability to recognize their highest potential. Use this stone when you need a little boost of confidence and masculine energy, allowing you to combat procrastination and finally tie up loose ends. 



Within an outer form that encompasses the geode, it is hollow when cracked open. The exposure of the interior crystals in this manner helps amplify energy, while still allowing energies and vibrations tp flow softly and evenly. This form of crystal is useful for spiritual growth and helps its user breakthrough harmful habits and patterns. Because it is able to aid intensify energies, this crystal helps you receive the highest benefit from any other healing abilities of the fluorite and pyrite surrounding it.


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