Benefits Of Using A Rose Quartz Facial Roller On Your Skin

Rose Quartz: Who doesn't love this mineral?

Using a Rose Quartz facial roller is equivalent to giving your skin a big hug alongside some extra TLC. This gem is the official stone of unconditional love and friendship. Rose quartz is a mineral that represents peace, which makes it especially important for your heart and heart chakra. 

It comes in various shades of pink and can be found across the globe; From the United States, South Africa, India, Madagascar to Japan, as well as Brazil. 

Rose Quartz is calming and soothing, not only for you but also for your skin. It encourages blood flow and healthy circulation, which helps you fight off dark circles as well as premature aging. We recommend that you use our Rose Quartz facial roller first thing in the morning to eliminate any puffiness and instantly revitalize and refresh your skin and your energy. It is also said to help release impurities, leaving your skin looking and feeling super-soft.

Rose quartz is said to not only help calm and relax you but also teaches you how to love and accept yourself: A vibe that you should not live without. Ever.  



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