Make the Most of Each Season for a Healthier and Happier Life

The seasons are a natural source of inspiration. When we are in tune with the seasons, they can help us to live a healthier, happier, and more productive life. Knowing how to live in tune with the seasons and make the most of each season is an important part of living a sustainable lifestyle too. This means, for instance, choosing the right local ingredients from the current season, by adjusting our meals to what nature gives us at any given point is good for us because it's a supply of things we need for that particular season and it's also good to the environment because in that case, we can get our groceries locally.

There is no denying, we are affected by these seasonal changes whether we like it or not. Some people love the winter while others can't wait for it to end. Regardless, of which seasons you like the most, we are all affected by them. We should think about how we're going to adjust ahead of time and make sure that our daily life doesn't suffer as a result of the season change. We can even not notice it but it affects our mood and needs, the food we eat, the type of exercise we do or not, and the amount of rest. Those are some of the things that matter most. 

For instance, autumn is an adjusting period when we can adapt to the transition to winter time. In the winter we should opt for a lot of water and tea or other warm drinks to the detriment of fresh smoothies or juices. Sure, natural juice is good for us and we need to keep hydrated in the colder season but we don't need to take fresh juices all year long, even though in winter the choice of fruits is limited. And when it comes to exercise we may feel tempted to stop doing it because we feel more lethargic, but it is a good idea to continue to work out, even if more gently unless, of course, you are an athlete or similar. Exercising will warm and wake up the body, especially if we do it in the morning. Our sleep can also be affected due to the shorter period of daylight, this can lead to heavy sleep or the need for more resting time. The best option to prevent sleeping issues is really to get more natural light exposure, avoid strong lights at night-time, and adjust the sleeping time if needed. What we call "winter blues" are actually physiological responses to lower levels of sunlight. We feel sad, lonely, and lethargic because our bodies are not receiving enough light in the winter months.

In the spring and summer, on the other hand, we tend to feel more energized and productive with long sunny days that invite us to go outside. It's a great time to spend time in nature, whether it is exercising, relaxing, or just having fun. This will allow you to receive your dose of sunlight to restore from winter. Wearing a piece of jewelry with Citrine crystal will also improve your mood, by bringing joy and light into your life. In the spring and summer there is an abundance of food, fruits, and vegetables inviting fresh and colorful meals, make the most of it! Remember that it's the perfect time to go outside and exercise, and prepare lighter meals instead of comfort and heavier food. We tend to feel more rested and energized even with fewer sleeping hours. 

The main takeaway is that by aligning with the seasons we feel more balanced and healthy, by giving our body what it needs at any given point, our needs fluctuate between seasons whether in terms of light exposure, type of meals, sleep, or exercise.

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