How to Become Mentally Fit and Build Resilience

Like we work our bodies at the gym or do other types of exercises to get fit, the same should happen with our minds. Being mentally fit builds resilience and increases the chance of living a more fulfilling happy life.

For instance, do you tend to worry, have negative thoughts, or feel anxious often? If the answer is yes, here's something to be improved by mental exercises, like dumping thoughts and worries into a journal or going to therapy. Dealing with feelings and thoughts in a healthy way helps gain clarity and process those feelings. With a clear understanding and letting go process you will create room for a more positive mindset and create the life you always dreamed of.

Another important aspect is to remember that we always have a choice, so when under pressure to decide something you can't postpone, you can choose the option that is more aligned with your values and goals instead of overthinking things or choosing what you think others are expecting. Just stop for a second, center yourself, and think.

Learn to fail gracefully and accept that failure is part of life, allow yourself to feel the feelings, be accountable, and reflect on the takeaway lesson and on how to move forward. This is essential to have a fit, strong mind and to prevent making the same mistakes. Not accepting failure, on the other hand, can have a harmful impact on the mind.

Be grateful, practicing gratitude reduces stress levels, and sadness, and overwrites thought patterns. This approach, when practiced regularly, will surely make you more resilient and happy. Use a journal to write down what you are grateful for, writing is more effective than just thinking.

Avoid the need to control everything in life because it is simply impossible and draining. Instead, reflect on what you can and cannot change, and the actions you can take about it, or if a non-action is preferable, which in some cases is.

Meditation is another exercise that can help to build a mentally strong mind. By being mindful of thoughts we can discover hidden negative thinking patterns and reduce their frequency and strength. Check our article on How to Meditate – Beginners Guide to get started.

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