How to adapt through life changes

Life is inevitably ever-changing, challenging our capacity to adapt and navigate through life. Times of change can be tough, we may want to resist it but there is no turning back its bend or break time, if we fight it we will end feeling exhausted, defeated, and trapped in the past unable to move on. The uncertainty of these shifts surely brings discomfort but it is by leaving our comfort zone that we grow.

To a certain extent, it is natural to have some resistance to change, we are creatures of habits after all. But sometimes we get too comfortable, stuck in what we know, and forget how strong, capable, and incredible we are. So, to be able to change we need to be resilient, which is the ability to recover from difficulties, adapt, and bounce back to new situations in a way that suits us, it requires some mental elasticity and discomfort. Analyzing our habits and life patterns is crucial to understand what doesn’t serve anymore and develop our ability to bounce back from the most difficult times.

From change, good or bad, opportunity and growth may rise, so sometimes we just have to look at the change from a different perspective and search for hidden opportunities. Believe in yourself and your capability to handle whatever is happening, and if you need to ask for help go for it! Asking for help when needed is crucial and a smart move, thus, it will make your bonds and sense of belonging even stronger. 

Besides being resilient, meditation can also help us to adapt to life changes, it brings perspective, calm, and clarity to the table. Which is of extreme importance in times of change, to be able to remain calm and think straight. There are several types of meditation that you can try to see what works best for you, like mindfulness, body scan, self-compassion amongst others. Breathing techniques are also great to keep you calm and grounded.

Embrace the change, be open to adapt to any circumstance needed. It’s okay to feel scared or discomfort but just go for it. If you need an extra boost of courage, Aquamarine is a great healing crystal for that! It sharpens your intellect, clears the mind, promotes self-exploration, and soothes fears. Check out this article with some affirmations to promote courage. 

Gratitude is also a great way to increase motivation, being conscious of the good things in our lives it's a great way to stay resilient. If you are not used to practicing gratitude it may feel weird in the beginning but the more you practice the more you will feel gratitude and even find more things in your life to be grateful for.

No matter what, be kind to yourself, change is tough for everyone, but from change, great things may happen. Be attentive to your inner speech and treat yourself as you would treat a friend or a loved one, with kindness and respect.

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