3 plants to pair with crystals

We all know that plants are a blessing and beneficial to any home and to well-being. But when combining them with crystals, the environment transforms into bliss! You can turn your place into a paradise filled with good energies and besides that, a feast to the eyes. 

Plants are fantastic to have at home, either you live in an apartment or not. Plants bring life and freshness to any home, they purify the air, and some have numerous applications, from medicinal to food to beauty. Plus it's a great way to decorate any room. 

So, whether you already have your own jungle or are just starting, here are some tips. We are going to discover 3 amazing plants to have at home and that you can use with specific crystals for healing, in a way that will increase the power of your intentions.

Let's start with Sage (common sage), it exists in different varieties, with white, pink, blue, or purple flowers. This plant besides being beautiful has a pleasant aroma and has health benefits. It's edible and can be used as a seasoning or for a tea which is great for wintertime. You can also dry the leaves and flowers tied to a string to create your own cleansing sage to cleanse any crystal.

Another great option is Lavender, which is a given, well-known for its calming properties; it's a great bonus to any home. In addition, you can dry it and place it in small bags to place in strategic places to perfume your house and bring calm and peace. You can also use lavender to do natural healing oils or even a fresh lavender lemonade to aid with headaches, you can find some recipes online. If you are seeking calm you can pair lavender with Aquamare, which its calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind. Another excellent pair for this plant is the Amethysts, this crystal is also a natural tranquilizer, blocking geopathic stress and negative environmental energies.

Rosemary is another amazing plant for flavoring, and can be used for drinks or meals as a seasoning. Rosemary can also be a great addition to your burning sage. Pair it with Rainbow Fluorite that is excellent for processing information so that the mind becomes sharper.

If you have a cluster or worry stones you can place it directly on the vases or ground, if not you can place the crystals in other places nearby or even wear them. You can also use other crystals to pair with these and other plants.

The most important aspect is to surround yourself with the outstanding energies from the plants and crystals combined and to harvest the best of their qualities.

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