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Water Stick VitaJuwel "INSPIRATION" (lapis lazuli, rutilated quartz)

$155.00 USD
Every Vita Juwel Viole is unique, hand-blown in the EU - an expression of the highest level of glassblowing art.

The "Inspirational" water stick is filled with Lapis Vitalis tumbled stones in the stone types lapis lazuli and golden rutile - Lapis Vitalis inside guarantees high-quality therapy stones! Creative ideas change the world. You too can enrich your life with new, creative visions and give your future the decisive "kick".

Both the enchanting sight of the excellent gemstones and the enjoyment of the gemstone water mixture of the VitaJuwel "Inspiration" can inspire you to break new ground with new ideas.

The water stick is about 35cm long.

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