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VIA HEAT "Five Elements" Crystal Water Bottle

$90.00 USD

Amethyst, Chalcedony, Rose Quartz, Petrified Wood, and Ocean Jasper

The ViA HEAT drinking bottle with extra strong, double-walled glass keeps your hot drink warm for longer thanks to its insulating effect. The gemstone mixture in the glass dome also gives it a completely natural vitality, which also affects the taste! There is even more taste with the optionally available tea strainer, with which you can brew your tea in no time at all.

The "Five Element Mix" water bottle is filled with tumbled stones from Lapis Vitalis in the stone types amethyst, chalcedony, petrified wood, rose quartz and ocean jasper - Lapis Vitalis inside guarantees high therapy stone quality!

Based on traditional Chinese philosophy, which describes life as an eternal change, certain aspects of life are assigned to each of the five elements (water, metal, earth, wood and fire). For each of these aspects (e.g. new beginnings, development, balance, retreat and vitality) the five-element mixture contains a suitable gemstone that is said to embody the quality of the element.

Dimensions: volume 360 ​​ml, height 22.4 cm, diameter 7 cm

FIVE ELEMENTS. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) sees life as a constant change. Each transformation goes through five phases, which are characterized by the elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Our mixture contains a representative gemstone for each of these elements, which can have a harmonizing effect on the course of the changes.

EXTRA LONG ENJOYMENT. The ViA HEAT drinking bottle with extra strong, double-walled glass keeps your hot drink warm for longer and cool drinks pleasantly fresh thanks to its insulating effect.

HYGIENE. The gemstones in the ViA HEAT are securely locked in the glass insert of the gemstone module. So you can be sure that no impurities or rock fragments get into your drink. In addition, the time-consuming cleaning of the gemstones, during which the stones gradually lose their luster and have to be replaced from time to time, is no longer necessary. With the glass bottles from VitaJuwel, you can enjoy the shine of your valuable gemstones for the rest of your life.

CLEANING. Like the original ViA drinking bottle, the ViA HEAT has two openings: both the drinking cap and the jewel module can be removed in no time at all. All components of your ViA can be easily cleaned. Please note that the individual parts of the ViA, with the exception of the glass body, are not dishwasher safe. After cleaning, you should allow all components to dry thoroughly before reassembling them.

SAFETY. Although ViA HEAT is made of robust glass, it is of course fragile. Avoid bumps. Never unscrew the gemstone module from the glass cylinder when there is still liquid in the bottle. Before each use, make sure that

  • both seals are inserted in the covers.
  • the glass insert is straight and screwed tightly into the bottom lid.
  • the gemstone module and top lid are screwed straight and tight onto the glass cylinder.
  • all components of the ViA HEAT, especially the glass insert, are undamaged.

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