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VIA HEAT "Diamonds" Crystal Water Bottle

$260.00 USD

Diamond Chips (4ct), and Rock Crystal

This is a Special Order item. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

The ViA HEAT drinking bottle with extra strong, double-walled glass keeps your hot drink warm for longer thanks to its insulating effect. The gemstone mixture in the glass dome also gives it a completely natural vitality, which also affects the taste! There is even more taste with the optionally available tea strainer, with which you can brew your tea in no time at all.

The "Diamond" water bottle is filled with tumbled stones from Lapis Vitalis in the stone types rock crystal and 4ct diamond chips - Lapis Vitalis inside guarantees high therapy stone quality!

The diamond is the hardest of all gemstones and was revered as the king of all gemstones by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. It was said to give its wearer divine splendor, supreme purity and enlightenment. Experts appreciate the harmonious vibration and the unique power of the diamond. Definitely worth mentioning is the special taste of this precious stone water, which may be able to outshine everything you previously associated with water. Enjoy diamond water!

Dimensions: volume 360 ​​ml, height 22.4 cm, diameter 7 cm


EXTRA LONG ENJOYMENT. The ViA HEAT drinking bottle with extra strong, double-walled glass keeps your hot drink warm for longer and cool drinks pleasantly fresh thanks to its insulating effect.


HYGIENE. The gemstones in the ViA HEAT are securely locked in the glass insert of the gemstone module. So you can be sure that no impurities or rock fragments get into your drink. In addition, the time-consuming cleaning of the gemstones, during which the stones gradually lose their luster and have to be replaced from time to time, is no longer necessary. With the glass bottles from VitaJuwel, you can enjoy the shine of your valuable gemstones for the rest of your life.

DIAMONDS. The diamond was already revered in antiquity as the king of all precious stones. It was said to give its wearer "divine splendor, supreme purity and enlightenment". With the incomparable combination of diamond and rock crystal, you create a source of power that outshines everything you have previously associated with water. The clarity and purity of both gems are potentiated into an indomitable quest for spiritual freedom. Clean up with rotten compromises and omissions and create a lasting inner order for yourself.

APPLICATION. Fill your gemstone bottle with drinking water and wait about 7 minutes for the gemstones to revitalize your water. With the help of the optionally available tea strainer, tea can also be freshly prepared in the ViA HEAT. To do this, fill your tea strainer with loose tea and then insert it into the ViA HEAT. Carefully pour hot water into your bottle and steep the tea according to the instructions. Be careful when removing the tea strainer. Allow the drink to cool sufficiently before drinking! Due to the glass insulation, you cannot tell from the outside whether the drink is at drinking temperature. Now experience the unique quality and the gentle taste of energised water or tea!

CLEANING. Like the original ViA drinking bottle, the ViA HEAT has two openings: both the drinking cap and the jewel module can be removed in no time at all. All components of your ViA can be easily cleaned. Please note that the individual parts of the ViA, with the exception of the glass body, are not dishwasher safe. After cleaning, you should allow all components to dry thoroughly before reassembling them.

SAFETY. Although ViA HEAT is made of robust glass, it is of course fragile. Avoid bumps. Never unscrew the gemstone module from the glass cylinder when there is still liquid in the bottle. Before each use, make sure that

  • both seals are inserted in the covers.
  • the glass insert is straight and screwed tightly into the bottom lid.
  • the gemstone module and top lid are screwed straight and tight onto the glass cylinder.
  • all components of the ViA HEAT, especially the glass insert, are undamaged.

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