Beau Life

Sunstone Crystal Bangle In 925 Silver


Each bangle is made from 0.925 silver. With a center-mounted Sunstone crystal in a beautiful claw setting. The bangle arrives in a gorgeous Beau Life box.

It is fully adjustable; therefore it can fit anybody's wrist size.


Qualities: Sunstone is a very joyful and light-inspiring stone. The gem heightens intuition while helping you to nurture yourself. Sunstone is perfect for clearing all your chakras while bringing an abundance of light and energy into your life. Sunstone also helps with depression and lifts dark moods. The stone is perfect to bring light to cold long winter nights. Sunstone helps reverse feelings of failure and insecurities. Sunstone allows you to have a truly positive take on events.     

Healing: The sunstone is perfect for stimulating self-healing powers and brings harmony to your organs. Sunstone lifts any depression and can help with general aches and pains.

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