Beau Life

Black Obsidian Set In Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver


Black Obsidian Jewelry Set In Gold

This complete set includes

  • Crystal Bangle
  • Crystal Point Necklace 
  • Crystal Point Earrings


Each bangle is made from 0.925 silver plated in Gold. With a center-mounted Obsidian stone in a beautiful claw setting. The bangle arrives in a gorgeous Beau Life box.

It is fully adjustable; therefore it can fit anybody's wrist size.


Holding one gorgeous natural Obsidian crystal point in a gold plated 925 sterling silver setting, this stunning necklace is truly a statement piece.

Chain length is 45cm

The clasp is a spring-ring 


Holding one gorgeous natural Obsidian crystal point on each earring in gold plated 925 sterling silver setting, these stunning earrings are truly a statement piece. 


Qualities: This powerful and creative stone grounds the soul and brings spiritual forces into the physical plane. The stone allows you to manifest spiritual energies on earth. Self-control will be greatly increased with this stone. Obsidian allows you to realize your true self while exploring your deep subconscious mind. Obsidian is also extremely protective, repelling negative thoughts while providing support during times of change.

Healing: Obsidian allows for insight into the cause of an ailment. The stone aids the digestion of anything that is hard to accept. It is an excellent stone for detox, dissolving blockages and tension. Obsidian can also relieve hardened arteries, arthritis, joint issues, cramps, and general pain.   

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