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'Marry me' Citrine Crystal Ring

$149.00 USD

Shine bright with our 'Marry Me' Citrine Crystal Ring, a dazzling symbol of love that captures the warmth of the sun and joy.

Holding one gorgeous natural citrine crystal in an elegant silver setting. This unique ring is made of high-quality 925 sterling silver and the band comes with sparkling clear crystals. Each ring comes complete with a velvet ring box.

Citrine Properties:

  1. Radiant Energy: Citrine, often referred to as the "Sun Stone," radiates a warm and vibrant energy. The crystal's golden hues evoke feelings of positivity and abundance, making it a perfect companion for those seeking joy and success.
  2. Manifestation and Creativity: Known as a powerful manifestation crystal, citrine stimulates creativity and imagination. It channels the sun's energy, fostering a sense of optimism and encouraging one to pursue their dreams fearlessly.
  3. Abundance and Prosperity: Citrine is associated with prosperity and abundance. Wearing this crystal is believed to attract wealth, success, and opportunities into one's life, making it an ideal choice for the go-getters and dreamers.

Sizes available: 

  • 6 (small 16.45mm diameter)
  • (medium 17.3mm diameter)
  • 8 (large 18.2mm diameter)

Need help selecting a size? Use our size guide.


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