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High Priestess Clear Quartz Point Necklace with Oil Chamber in 925 Sterling Silver


Holding a beautiful natural clear quartz crystal piece in an elegant silver setting, this stunning necklace is bound to catch the eye. Within each crystal is a special cavity that can be filled with a liquid substance to further enhance the power of the crystal. You may fill your necklace with your favorite perfume, or a calming essential oil, to help support you in every situation in which you are wearing your necklace.

Furthermore, the clear quartz is a gemstone that is known as the 'master healer'. This is due to its ability to cleanse people's vibrations, spaces, as well as other crystals of negative energy. Furthermore, the clear quartz's simple anatomic composition provides its wearer with a stable and reliable high vibration, which is especially helpful to those suffering from anxiety and depression.

We currently have limited availability of this item and once sold, it may not restock.

The chain length is 45cm (18 inches) and comes in 925 sterling silver. The chain is slightly adjustable in length (up to 16.5 inches).

Each necklace is 100% unique.

The clasp is a spring-ring.



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