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Center Of Attention Single Stone Tiger Eye Ring in Silver


 Holding one large, gorgeous natural Tiger Eye crystal in an elegant silver setting, this stunning silver-plated ring immediately catches the eye. We currently have limited availability of this item and once sold, it may not restock.

It is fully adjustable, therefore it can fit any ring size and be swapped between fingers to alternate your look.

The main material of this ring is made from silver-plated copper and the Tiger Eye is a completely natural mineral.

Each ring is 100% unique, stone size ranges from 15-20mm with a thickness of 8-15mm

Tiger Eye 

Qualities: Tiger Eye is a protective stone and was traditionally carried as a talisman against ill wishing and curses. The stone brings out integrity and helps in accomplishing goals all while promoting clarity of intention. Tiger Eye is perfect for people who spaced out and uncommitted. The stone is also very useful for helping you recognize both your needs and those of other people around you. Tiger Eye also helps when resolving dilemmas and internal conflicts while providing you with balance and improving your self-confidence and self-worth.  

Healing: Tiger Eye helps treat your eyes and greatly helps with night vision. The stone is also known to help with your throat and reproductive organs. 

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