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Amethyst Cave Extra Large



The crystal cave in the photo above is the exact stone you will receive.


Location of Gem Origin: Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

The Amethyst is a beautiful, violet stone that has been a popular gem since ancient times. It is gorgeous violet-colored quartz that is mostly found in cavities of volcanic rock. The violet amethyst is a close relative of the rock crystal, which owes its wonderful color to the finest traces of iron in its crystal lattice. The color is rarely even and most amethysts have colorless and dark zones. Amethyst was once very expensive, but since farmers in southern Brazil discovered very large deposits around 1860, most of the world's amethysts have come from Brazil.

Qualities: This is a very powerful and very protective stone. The stone guards against physical attack changing the energy into love. Amethyst is also a natural tranquilizer, blocking geopathic stress and negative environmental energies. The stone also can assist in overcoming addictions and blockages of all kinds. Amethyst is excellent for the mind and greatly aids in the decision-making process. While also balancing out the highs and lows allowing you to reach a true balance.  

Healing: Amethyst boosts the production of hormones while it tunes the endocrine system and your metabolism. The stone also strengthens and cleanses your organs and immune system. Amethyst relieves physical, emotional, and psychological pain or stress. The stone also reduces bruising, swelling, hearing disorders, skin conditions and helps provide a night of restful sleep. 

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