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The Wild Muse Oracle Deck & Guidebook

₩93,000 KRW

Written By Vanessa Somuayina 

Introducing Vanessa's Third Deck: The Wild Muse Oracle Deck


Vanessa created this oracle deck to help inspire you to think big, be bold, and live your best life at any given moment in time. Every time you pull a card from your deck, Vanessa encourages you to take a moment and let your chosen muse's energy seep through the pores of your skin. Allow your muse at that moment to inspire you. Like a candle lighting another candle - Let their confidence and power transform into your self-confidence and feeling of empowerment. Allow The Wild Muse Oracle to light you up and fill your soul with innovation.


Each Wild Muse Oracle Deck Includes:

  • A Stunning Hand-Crafted Clam Shell Box With Soft Touch Finish
  • Complete 54-Card Oracle Deck 
  • Breathtaking Gold Gilding on Cards Sides, Front, and Back
  • 131-Page Large Hardcover Full Colour Guidebook With Gold Gilding
  • Custom Wild Muse Velvet Pouch For Storage
  • Box Features Gorgeous Velvet Inlay to Secure Your Cards
  • Black Ribbon For Easy Card Extraction
  • Cards Printed On Ultra-High Quality 350gsm Paper
  • Custom Card Size For Extremely Satisfying Shuffling Experience 



The Ultimate Wild Muse Set (as per cover photo)

Each Ultimate Wild Muse Set Includes:

  • The Wild Muse Oracle Deck & Guidebook (Includes everything listed above)
  • Tiger Eye Crystal Ball With Hand Carved Wood Stand (Black Obsidian is sold out)
  • Stunning Amethyst Crystal 
  • 7 Piece Crystal Chakra Set With Selenite Display
  • The Divine Guidance Oracle Board Midnight Blue Edition    
  • Matching Tiger Eye Crystal Pendulum 





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