Master Class: How To Become A Great Tarot Reader

₩408,000 KRW

This Master Class on 'How To Become A Great Tarot Reader' will teach you everything you need to know about using Tarot cards and becoming a great Tarot Reader. The course is structured in a way that makes Tarot accessible to anyone and easy to learn. You will gain access to dozens of videos, PDF's and presentations which will help you build your confidence and skill when working with the cards. 

This How To Become A Great Tarot Reader Master Class is designed for anyone wanting to learn more about Tarot cards for fun or to potentially make this a full-time profession. It is designed to be worked on at your own pace, and thanks to lifetime access once you are enrolled in the course, you will always be able to re-watch and download any materials provided in the course.

These are all the topics that are covered within the course: 

  • Lifetime access to the course and all future video lessons and PDF's added 
  • An Introduction into the world of Tarot
  • All 78 cards & their meanings
  • Guidance on how to find the right decks for yourself 
  • How to prepare and cleanse your cards for usage
  • How to store your Tarot cards
  • How to shuffle
  • How long should you shuffle your cards for 
  • Getting over fear and feeling like an imposter 
  • Psychic abilities
  • How to start reading before knowing all the cards by heart
  • Symbols & their meanings
  • Numerology
  • Colors & their meanings
  • Developing your own reading style
  • Beginner-friendly Tarot spreads
  • Basic reading strategies 
  • A fail-proof card reading technique
  • Becoming a professional Tarot reader - When are you ready?
  • How to monetize your skills & build a secure business
  • Creating spiritual & financial abundance

Your Teacher

Vanessa Somuayina is an established Tarot Reader, Author, YouTuber, and Entrepreneur. With close to 500K Subscribers and over 50 million views on her Tarot Reading reading videos on YouTube, Vanessa has been able to create a Tarot community with members from nearly every country across the globe.

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