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Point Necklaces Crystal Silver

₩82,000 KRW

Holding one gorgeous natural crystal point in an elegant setting, this stunning necklace is truly a statement piece. We currently have limited availability of this item and once sold, it may not be restocked.

Silver Edition: 925 Sterling Silver, Natural Polished Rose Quartz

The chain length is 45cm

The clasp is a spring-ring

Rose Quartz Qualities: The stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. Rose quartz is a calming and reassuring stone that opens the heart, promoting inner healing and self-love. It removes negative energy and replaces it with love, strengthening empathy and aiding acceptance of change. It helps you realize unexpressed emotions and teaches self-love.

Aquamarine Qualities: The stone of courage. Aquamarine has calming energies that reduce stress and protect against pollutants. It promotes tolerance and helps those overwhelmed by responsibility. It sharpens the intellect, clears the mind, promotes self-exploration, and soothes fears.

Angel Aura Qualities: Angel Aura is believed to help clarify situations, open intuition to gain insight, purify and focus energy, and have a positive effect if hope is lost. It is also known for removing stagnant energy.

Sunstone Qualities: Sunstone brings joy, intuition, and energy. It clears chakras and helps with depression. It lifts dark moods and reverses feelings of failure. It brings light to dark winter nights and promotes positivity.   

Amethyst Qualities: Amethyst is a protective stone that transforms negative energy into love. It also has calming effects, blocks harmful environmental energies, and helps overcome addictions and obstacles. It promotes emotional balance and aids in decision-making. Achieve true equilibrium with amethyst.

Black Obsidian Qualities: Obsidian is a powerful stone that grounds the soul and allows you to manifest spiritual energies on earth. It increases self-control, helps you realize your true self, and protects you by repelling negative thoughts and supporting you during times of change.

Carnelian Qualities: Carnelian is a stabilizing gem that restores vitality and motivation, stimulates creativity, and cleanses other stones. It promotes positive life choices, courage, and business success. It also helps overcome abuse and removes fear of death. The gem protects against emotional negativity and promotes a love of life.

Labradorite Qualities: Labradorite is a protective stone that deflects unwanted energies and banishes fears. It energizes the imagination and imparts strength and perseverance during times of change.

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