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Snow Moss Agate Crystal Ball (rare)

₩99,000 KRW

Moss Agate Crystal Ball

The Crystal seen in the images is the exact crystal that you will receive. Colors may vary depending on lighting conditions. 


Each crystal can vary slightly in size and color as each crystal is a unique natural product. 

Size: approximately 5cm in diameter

Location of Gem Origin: Australia

In stone healing, moss agate is used to relieve heaviness, pressure, and strain. The mineral stimulates the mind and promotes communication.

The Indian moss agate got its name from the dark green inclusions that look like moss; From a mineralogical point of view, moss agate is a chalcedony. In some cases, moss agate is also sold in retail and wholesale trade under the name of green foam agate.

Qualities: The Moss Agate is an excellent stabilizing stone and is strongly connected with nature. The stone is said to refresh the soul and enable you to see the beauty in all you behold. Moss Agate promotes self-expression, communication, stress reduction, and helps balance your emotions.

Healing: Moss Agate helps speed up recovery and can help with long term illness. The stone is anti-inflammatory and helps to cleanse your circulatory system. Moss Agate also helps to eliminate depression and is excellent at helping to battle colds and cases of flu.  

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