Zodiac Signs by Season

As the seasons change, so do our astrological signs. In this article, we will be looking at the 12 astrological signs and their relationship for each season: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Each zodiac sign has specific traits and personality traits associated with it. And even though other aspects of each sign influence them, like the elements: fire, earth, air or water, so does the corresponding season.

Spring zodiac signs are born between March 21 – June 20

Despite the challenges in life, they illustrate a feeling of enthusiasm for life and all they touch. Intuitive, determined and pragmatic. With the temperature getting warmer, spring is like an invitation for vigor, action, enthusiasm and sociability. The signs below tend to appreciate this time of the year.

  • ARIES - Bold, enthusiastic, youthful
  • TAURUS - Determined, practical, resourceful
  • GEMINI - Intuitive, quick-witted, sociable

Summer zodiac signs are born between June 21 – September 22

Summer zodiac signs are often associated with warmth, happiness and high spirits. This season comes with a confident, intense and uplifting mood. Signs that usually feel invigorated during summertime:

  • CANCER - emotional, empathetic, loving
  • LEO - leader, confident, determined
  • VIRGO - methodic, careful, perfectionist 

Autumn zodiac signs are born between September 23 – December 21

Autumn zodiac signs are typically seen as the most contemplative of the zodiac. Their unique perspective on life gives them a gift for transformation. As the temperatures start to drop comes an invitation for reflection and adaptation. The signs below tend to appreciate this time of the year.

  • LIBRA - intellect, righteousness, sensitive
  • SCORPIO - intensity, magnetism, instinct, and strategic intelligence.
  • SAGITTARIUS - passionate, assertive, emotional

Winter zodiac signs are born between December 22 – March 20

Sensitive and imaginative, dreamers can live in a seemingly surreal world. But they can moderate their emotions and achieve an unimaginable level of thoughtfulness. This season invites reflection about emotions and life circumstances, self-care, planning and spirituality. Below are the signs that tend to relish this season.

  • CAPRICORN - resourceful, trustworthy, ambitious
  • AQUARIUS - innovative, altruistic, thinker
  • PISCES - friendly, imaginative, spiritual

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