Sodalite Crystal Guide

Sodalite is a beautiful blue gem with some hints of white. This crystal has the ability to amplify energy. The main chakra for this stone is the Throat chakra but it can also be used for the third eye chakra. The throat chakra is related to communication and speaking the truth, the third eye chakra on the other hand connects to intuition and mind.

Sodalite is a stone of truth, communication, and intuition. It is a stone that can be used to enhance one's communication skills. It also helps to build confidence and clarity in one's thoughts, by encouraging speaking your truth, speaking what you feel and what you think without fear of being judged or ridiculed for it. This gem can help us find our voice as well as communicate more effectively. That being said, Sodalite is not just about speaking the truth but also about listening to the truth from others. This stone has been used historically by spiritualists to access their intuition and spiritual guidance while journeying into other realms of consciousness.

This marvelous blue crystal is a stone that is said to have the power of bringing peace and healing and one of the reasons is because it is so effective for meditation. All you need to do is hold the stone in your hand while meditating, or use it as a necklace or bracelet. You can also carry a sodalite stone with you in your pocket to assist you all day long!

Sodalite Properties

  • It assists communication in many ways, from helping in speaking clearly to supporting in difficult conversations. But that's not all, it also improves the understanding of what other people are communicating.
  • It supports intuition and spiritual guidance.
  • It encourages speaking the truth even during tough times.
  • It increases confidence because having good communication skills improves confidence and courage.
  • It helps find clarity by connecting with the third eye chakra.

How to use Sodalite for healing

  • Meditate with a sodalite stone in your hand, or nearby to improve clarity.
  • Use crystal jewelry with sodalite to ensure assistance in communication throughout the day.
  • As an alternative to using it as a piece of jewelry, you can carry a sodalite stone in your pocket.
  • Use crystal water bottles with sodalite

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