How To Choose A Crystal

With so many gorgeous crystals, it's hard for beginners to pick. So how to do this? Let's see some possibilities of how to choose the ideal crystal.

One of the easiest ways is to simply go with your gut! Take a look at the options and choose the crystal that speaks to you, the chances are that you will feel drawn to the crystal that you need the most.

Discover more about crystals properties and evaluate which one suits your needs at the moment, for this ask yourself "What do I need right now?" or "How can this crystal assist me?". Keep in mind that with time your needs will change and you should adjust and add other crystals into your collection.

Choosing by color can also be an option, here's a quick, broad guide but I advise you to dig deeper, especially if you already have a gem in mind because the characteristics may vary:

  • White - New beginnings, peace
  • Black - Protection, grounding, unconscious 
  • Green - Financial, wealth, growth
  • Orange - Anxiety, sexuality
  • Red - Vitality, grounding, passion
  • Pink - Unconditional love, kindness, forgiveness
  • Purple - Spirituality, intuition, connection with higher self
  • Yellow - Self-esteem, spiritual richness 

Another great way to start is with a chakra set, it's very affordable and comes with different crystals and they usually have Palo Santo or Sage for cleansing so it’s a great deal.

And finally, you can always ask someone that has more knowledge about crystals for a piece of advice.

Enjoy your discovery journey!

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