Discover a new way for crystal healing with our crystal water products, with a wide range from bottles to carafes, and water sticks to even straws! All safe reusable and high-quality products with VitaJuwel stamp. These water crystal products are a must-have if you're into the 'new age' of powerful and rejuvenating energy or if you're already enjoying the health benefits of the healing crystals. You'll start to enjoy the positive benefits of drinking crystal-energized water in no time and the water used to fill the bottle will be charged with pure crystal energy throughout the day. Using our fabulous bottles will also help you to cut down on plastic, providing you with an eco-friendly solution.

With these crystal water products water is pivoted into the deliverer of gems' vibrations with safety since the crystals are enclosed behind the glass allowing you to drink pure water and still feel energized by the gems' vibrations. Everything emits vibrations, and each gem has its own vibration that can alter water molecules. To help you decide which crystal is the perfect match for you, each product page comes with a full description of the healing powers of each individual stone. For instance, if you infuse your water with Rose Quartz, Garnet, and Rock Crystal, you will receive all the spectacular healing benefits and energies from the combination of those crystals, in your beverage. Because water is amazing at capturing the vibrations and energies of minerals.

The gemstones in our water products are securely locked in the glass insert of the gemstone module. So you can be sure that no pollutants or rock fragments get into your drink. In addition, the time-consuming cleaning of the gemstones, during which the stones gradually lose their sheen and have to be replaced from time to time, is no longer necessary. 

Crystal-infused water is effortless to make: First, choose your favorite crystal(s) bottle before starting the process. Here is a list of all the crystal water products we have available. Then, fill your gemstone bottle with drinking water and wait about 7 minutes for the gemstones to renew your water, and that's it! 

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