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Each crystal will vary slightly in size and colour as each crystal is a unique natural product. 

Size- 7-10cm

Weight- 337g

Location of Gem Origin- Brazil

Muscovite, which is sometimes referred to as "alumina mica" or "light mica", is a mineral from the mineral class of silicates and the order of layered silicates. It can be detected as a fine component in mica schists, gneisses and the deep rocks granite and pegmatite.

The mineral's name is derived from Russian and means something like "Moscow glass". The muscovite has remained an important raw material in the technology industry due to its good thermal and electrical insulation properties.

The main occurrence of the muscovite is in Brazil in the state of Minas Gerais.

Qualities- Muscovite helps to dispense insecurity, self-doubt, and clumsiness. The gem is also excellent at eliminating anger and nervous stress. It allows you to look forward to a joyful future and back at the past to reflect on the lessons learned. Muscovite also aids in problem-solving and helps to stimulate quick-wittedness. The stone also helps to improve your appearance by adding a sheen to your hair and a sparkle to your eyes. 

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