What Is Slow Living?

Slow living is a movement that has been growing and aims to address the overwhelming feeling of day-to-day life. We keep running, trying to do it all, trying to fit into our schedule different roles in life, trying to be perfect, but where does this leave us? In a state of physical and mental tiredness, depleted of energy and drive.

Slow living is all about being in the moment, recognizing and enjoying the little moments, focusing on one thing at a time. It's all about creating more time for you and having a more sustainable lifestyle. After all, we are only humans and we should embrace that, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Everything has a place in our lives, the good keeps us motivated, the bad teaches us lessons and the ugly is the things that are not in our reach to change but that sometimes we just have to accept and carry on. The important thing is to make time for reflection, self-care, and good times.

Tips for slow living:

Home cooking - Cooking is a wonderful way to stay in the present, learn a new recipe, nourish yourself and spend quality time with your loved ones. Obviously for most of us cooking our own meals can be a real challenge however the weekends are a great opportunity for it. And remember you don't have to prepare a feast or anything complicated the important is to put some love into the mix. You can also use a crystal water garnet to make the moment even more special.

Less comparing more confidence - A lack of confidence and comparing our current situation with others will only make us miserable and stressed. Comparing ourselves with others makes us lose perspective, of where we are, have been, and where we are going. Focus on your goals, make a plan, and go for it! Calm and steady. But don't forget to celebrate the wins of your friends and family.

Make time for "boredom" - Sometimes we just need to stop, but really stop! You'll be surprised at how some downtime can spark fresh ideas and refresh the mind. Relax in nature and let your ideas run wild, take a notebook to write down your thoughts. Allow yourself to just be, if it's unsettling for you try some soothing activities like massages, puzzles or reading.

Take care of plants - Having plants at home is very eye-opening, I have a panoply of plants at home, with different needs, more or less water, more or less sun. And I realized that when they are not doing well is because I am going through a tough or stressful time and forgot to take care of them and me too! So it's a great wake-up call and a great opportunity to sync in. Furthermore, we are humans, we lived most of our lives in nature, so the more you surround yourself with nature the better and calmer you will feel, it's a reminder to respect natural time.

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