Wabi-sabi – The art of imperfection

In Japanese, there is a word for embracing imperfection, the art of imperfection and it's called Wabi-Sabi. The more I think about it, the more beautiful this concept is. This concept embraces the impermanence of things and life and they went even further and applied this concept into objects creating one of the kind pieces that embrace the temporariness of things, the asymmetric and simplicity. So, when a piece of ceramic is broken, they amend it with gold, not trying to hide but highlighting the broken pieces instead. 

In a world of an unrealistic pursuit of perfection, this never made more sense. Let's embrace the imperfect and its beauty and understand that we are beautiful as we are, as nature is. And accept the imperfection and natural cycle of life. Wabi is being able to see the beauty in simplicity and being humble. Is the appreciation of life and natural rhythm. Sabi is understanding the impermanent state of things and acknowledging their beauty. With these concepts combined, we get acceptance. Through acceptance, we grow and find inner peace, the more you accept the better and lighter you will feel. Through gratitude and acceptance, we learn to cherish the important things in life.

We work for the perfect body, we seek the perfect career, the perfect relationship without realizing that nothing is ever complete, perfect, or constant. Furthermore, striving for perfection is exhausting and most of the time we end up believing that we are not good enough or pretty enough, chasing something that is not real instead of embracing nature and who we are. By understanding who we are and our strengths, we can really grow and improve. We are in a constant state of flow, always moving, changing, and imperfect. Nothing is ever done, complete.

In the traditional form of wabi-sabi, broken ceramic is restored by amending it with gold fillings. It's a beautiful way of repairing and making a statement, making that piece unique and ever-changing. In a way it is like ourselves, sometimes we feel broken, we gather all the pieces together and carry on with more strength than ever! We all have golden scars and that's what makes us extraordinary and unique. Be yourself, life is temporary and fragile, embrace what it is. Aging is a blessing and every season of life has its beauty and magic. Embracing the perfectly imperfect, natural state, self-improvement is good when we have the right motivation, not when we are aiming for perfection or cling to an idea of perfection, things are supposed to age, we are supposed to age, we sometimes feel broken and things break. But like wine, some things get better with time and gain their own charm, beauty, and experience.

To bring Wabi-sabi into your life and home you can start by embracing the perfect imperfection of nature by having more asymmetric and not having an almost sterile and overly tidy room, by cherishing what you have and taking care of things, and taking nature into your home, what a better reminder to enjoy how things are. Add some plants and crystals, it will make all the difference. Labradorite will make a great choice for this purpose, since this gem is an excellent companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance, helping you to embrace who you are and what it is, and adjust the things that can be changed with an open and kind heart, accepting that nothing is perfect.


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