The Power Of Clarity

In this article, we are going to discover how to improve mental clarity using crystals, meditation and mind maps. But first, let's talk about clarity of mind!

We often focus on our body and external factors of life which is ok but the trap here is when we forget our mind, without clarity and purpose our lives wander in the sea of life. Having clarity is no more than being conscious of what's happening in our mind and of what matters most to us, which is having clear goals and seeing the big picture. This is a key factor when it comes to decision making. Clarity will help with time management, productivity and achieving dreams.

There are plenty of tools to help to achieve clarity such as crystals, mindfulness meditation and mind maps.

So which crystals to use to improve clarity? There are plenty of options, for example, Tiger Eye is a protective stone and a manifestation stone perfect to help to accomplish goals while promoting clarity of intention.

Tiger Eye is excellent for people who spaced out and uncommitted. The stone is also very useful for helping you recognize both your needs and those of other people around you. It also helps to resolve dilemmas and internal conflicts while providing you with balance and improving your self-confidence and self-worth. You can pair it with Citrine which also promotes clarity of thinking and it's an amplifier crystal, meaning, it will amplify the power of the Tiger Eye. You can have it near you when meditating, creating your mind map, or simply when you're journaling.

Mindfulness meditation is all about strengthening your focus and capacity to stay present, this will help to stay on route and remember the big picture, which are your goals in life. Unlike many people, meditation is not about emptying the mind, it is more about awareness without judging. Start by sitting down and paying attention to your breathing, let it be natural and relaxed when a thought comes just recognize it as "thinking" in a kind way and come back to your breath, no need to feel frustrated because this is just how our brain works. The important thing is that with time you will be more attentive to your thoughts and realize when they are drifting away.

Mind maps can be a fun and productive activity, they are great to organize ideas. To do that you just need paper, colourful markers and a little bit of creativity! Start by writing the main subject in the centre of the page, then draw some arrows to extend the ideas related to the main topic, use colours to distinguish different ideas or actions and draw whenever possible. This is a powerful tool to organize ideas and identify steps of action!

Mind map example:

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