Spiritual Mastery: Reclaiming Your True Self

Many of us think that a good life involves getting a prestigious education, a well-paying job, and owning a family home. However, this conventional lifestyle has been imposed on us by a societal system, they are merely external expectations that most of us follow without putting too much thought. So the question is, are you living your life or the life that others expect you to follow? Take a closer look at your life to see if you are truly happy or just following the norms imposed by society.

Have you ever felt like you're living a life where your desires and aspirations aren't truly your own? Do you feel discouraged or disengaged from your own life? It's common to be influenced by society's expectations and the media's portrayal of what success should look like. This can lead to us chasing material things like fancy cars, big houses, and social status, without ever questioning if these are actually what we want. Now is the time to place the question, what do you need in life to be happy and have a good life? What matters the most to you? For some it will be a successful career, traveling, and having expensive things, but for others, a simple house with a garden will do the trick. It is up to you to discover what fits you!

There's a way to break free from this cycle of desire and materialism. You can start by discovering who you are. This means questioning the messages that you're flooded with every day and figuring out what truly brings you joy and fulfillment. By doing this, you can start living a life that's authentic to yourself, rather than one that's dictated by external influences. Use writing as a tool for reflection, make a list of things you like and dislike in your life, and in outline, do a life evaluation. While doing this awareness practice wear amethyst jewelry, this gemstone is associated with spiritual growth and tranquility., It promotes clarity and a sense of calm, making it a perfect companion for your journey.

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