How to Start Your Spiritual Journey & Feel Empowered

Reflecting on Values and Intentions

Our universe is a powerful and magical place, full of energy and possibilities. There are numerous things that can be learned from the universe, but one of the most meaningful things is that we are all a tiny piece of it and intrinsically connected. This is important for any spiritual journey, the understanding that we are part of something great and meaningful, whether it's the universe, nature, or a God. This notion helps us learn our values and path. Spiritual growth is the process of learning more about oneself and finding meaning in life. What are your skills? What do you wish to bring to this world and those around you? What is meaningful for you?

Answering these questions will lead to spiritual growth and a path designed by you, and for you. This is also a significant part of feeling empowered and in command. Self-empowerment is the process of taking charge in one's life and making one's own decisions based on certain values and intentions. It is a path to creating a meaningful life without letting others or external factors dictate what to do with it. A feeling of empowerment can come in many forms, such as a sense of achievement, feeling like you have power over your energy and life, or feeling like you are making a difference in the world.

Authenticity is the Key to Living an Empowered Life

Authenticity is another aspect of living an empowered and spiritual life, as Vanessa Somuayina puts it in an article for Empower Magazine, "Authenticity is invaluable; therefore, you can't go wrong with being yourself". The only way to live a fulfilling life is by being true to yourself and not trying to please everyone else around you. We should avoid living a faux version of ourselves, and release the fear of being vulnerable and honest. Obviously, we don't need to be transparent and disclose everything about ourselves to everyone but releasing these fears and speaking our truth can be liberating and the doorway to living a fulfilling life. Be true to yourself, the more authentic you are with your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions the more empowered and grounded you will feel.

Finding Peace and strength through a Spiritual Journey

Another beneficial aspect of a spiritual journey is the chance of finding peace and strength. This can be a bumpy road, especially at the beginning, but if you stick to your values and live an authentic life the better chance you have to feel at ease and balanced. Cultivating the habit of daily practices that support your intentions can also aid in finding a sense of peace while strengthening your spirituality and intuition. Healthy habits such as connecting with nature, journaling, meditating, and yoga can assist you on this journey.

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