Citrine: A crystal for Success with Uplifting Energy

The Healing Power of Citrine and its Natural Energy of Optimism

Citrine is a quartz gemstone with a yellow-orange color. Citrine can be found in many different types of crystal jewelry, healing stones (cut or clusters), decorative items, and other applications, such as water bottles or beauty. Citrine has many healing properties, but it is especially known as a stone for abundance and prosperity, which is why it's often associated with money. But keep in mind that abundance and prosperity convey much more than just worldly things! Citrine can help bring more money and abundance into your life, but it does so through many avenues. Empowerment, creativity, and joy in life are all associated with this stone. Some other things that citrine is associated with are self-confidence, success at work, motivation, wealth, and creation. It also has the power to increase self-control, self-esteem, and willpower. Citrine is a powerful cleanser and an excellent regulator. The stone carries the power of the sun, warming, energizing, and highly creative. It is excellent at absorbing negative energy and is, therefore, an extremely protective stone. 

Why is Citrine the Right Crystal for You?

This gemstone can represent a variety of traits and qualities, including hope and cheerfulness. Citrine energies every level of life. The gem promotes joy in life all while getting rid of negative traits, and fears, and helps stop anger. And, as previously mentioned it's also an incredibly protective crystal. This stone is perfect for when we need to feel protected because it acts as an energy field and helps in coping with fears. Citrine is also great for when we need to feel respected and appreciated, this amazing crystal promotes self-worth and confidence. Another reason for which you may want to use this crystal is to achieve success and strive for goals because it boosts creativity with its high-energy levels, also promoting positivity. Citrine is a great stone for dreams, which can help you get closer to your aspirations and goals. You may also want to use this stone as an aid to make decisions because it will give you clarity on what direction you need to take in order to reach your full potential, by improving your confidence. 

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