Obsidian is a stunning black stone, formed as the result of a volcano eruption, and when the lava cools very quickly. Sometimes comes with some lighter spots, this variation is called snowflake obsidian. But today we are going to focus on the black obsidian. The color of a crystal has a lot to say about its properties, and black crystals are usually strong, protecting stones with grounding energies, giving a sense of safety and security. These stones create protection against negative energies while dissolving the fear. 

The black Obsidian is no exception, it's a powerful and creative stone that grounds the soul and brings spiritual forces into the physical plane. It is an excellent stone for detox, dissolving blockages, and tension. Obsidian is also extremely protective, repelling negative thoughts while providing support during times of change. So whenever you feel unbalanced, filled with negative thoughts, or needing grounding, hold an Obsidian and take some deep calming breaths, even if for just one minute. The stone allows you to manifest spiritual energies on earth because it amplifies energy. If your intention is to manifest or to feel protected, you can wear a piece of Obsidian jewelry, if you wish to protect your home place one stone on the entrance, near the front door. It is very effective at the entrance because it is where the energy and people enter your home.

Black obsidian can also be paired with Clear Quartz and Selenite, to cleanse or enhance its properties, these two stones amplify energy and work well with any crystal!

So, next time you feel stressed, uneasy, or need grounding, just pick your Black Obsidian and carry it with you for as long as needed. You can also meditate while wearing or holding the stone, try a body scan meditation it works really well for grounding, and in conjunction with the Obsidian.

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