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Water Stick VitaJuwel "Love" (rose quartz, garnet, rock crystal)

€88,95 EUR
Every Vita Juwel Viole is unique, hand-blown in the EU - an expression of the highest level of glassblowing art.

The "Love" water stick is filled with tumbled stones from Lapis Vitalis in the stone types rose quartz, garnet and rock crystal - Lapis Vitalis inside guarantees high-quality therapy stone!

Love is the highest energy in the universe and the most beautiful feeling that can penetrate us. We experience this energy and this feeling with this mixture. Rose quartz is the gemstone of harmony and sensitivity. The fiery garnet stands for sensuality and passion. Combining the two creates a unique emotional dynamic: love. This mixture allows you to take love into your consciousness. In this way you shine from within and pass this feeling on to your surroundings.

The water stick is about 35cm long.

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