Beau Life

The Pastel Journey Tarot Deck & Guidebook

€51,95 EUR

By Vanessa Somuayina 

Introducing Vanessa's Second Deck The Pastel Journey.

Vanessa Somuayina introduces you to the Pastel Journey Tarot, a charming 78-card deck designed to help you find support, strength, and wisdom on your journey through life. This inspiring deck is bound to bring many smiles and a feeling of comfort when working with it. The four suits in this deck are: Cups (water), Wands (fire), Swords (air), and Pentacles (earth). The accompanying guidebook offers detailed interpretations of each card, making the deck an ideal choice for beginners or established readers.


  • Magnet Box With Baby Blue Ribbon
  • 78 Tarot Cards With Iridescent Edges
  • 98-Page Guidebook and Silver Holographic Sides
  • Iridescent Details on the box, cards and guidebook



Save $20 By Upgrading to a Divination Starter Set 
This set is ideal for beginners learning the Tarot
($94 If Purchased Separately)


Divination Starter Set 


  • Magnet Box With Ribbon and Silver Holographic Details
  • 78 Tarot Cards With Silver Holographic Sides
  • Guidebook With 98 Pages and Silver  Holographic Sides
  • Velvet Beau Life Pouch For Storage (subject to availability)
  • The Divine Guidance Tarot & Oracle Board In An Edition Of Your Choice (Gentle Heart Edition, Blue Edition, Nude Edition) 
  • Matching Crystal Pendulum in either (Rose Quartz, Black Obsidian, Tiger Eye)

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