The Tarot's Major Arcana: A Journey of Self-Discovery Part IV

We've reached the culmination of our journey to deepen our understanding of the meanings and symbolism of the Major Arcana Tarot Cards. If you missed Part I, Part II, or Part III, make sure to explore them for valuable insights into the remaining cards of the Major Arcana. In this chapter, we will delve into the interpretations of The Tower, The Star, The Moon, The Sun, Judgment, and the final card of the Major Arcana, The World.

The Tower

When The Tower card shows up upright in a tarot reading, signifies rapid change, disruption, chaos, and awakening, indicating significant and often unexpected shifts that can feel disruptive and upsetting due to their quick nature. This card suggests that these changes, while challenging, are necessary for growth and enlightenment. It is like a wake-up call to let go of old beliefs and structures that no longer serve you and do you no good. It is crucial to embrace change, take initiative, and make necessary adjustments in your life before being forced to do so without the chance to reorganize. On the other hand, when reversed, The Tower card points to fear of transformation, highlighting procrastination, avoidance, and deception. It warns against the dangers of resisting change and suggests that by facing your fears and making conscious efforts to transform, you can avoid more severe disruptions and torment.

The Star

When upright in a tarot reading, The Star card symbolizes optimism, purpose, hope, and spirituality, shining brightly to guide you toward a place of healing and inspiration. When The Star appears, it heralds a period of emotional and financial success, with the Universe supporting you and presenting new opportunities. This is a time to embrace opportunities with optimism, confidence, and creative inspiration, allowing yourself to grow from within and reach your highest potential. Conversely, when reversed, The Star card points to a lack of hope, and disconnection, indicating pessimism, ungratefulness, and arrogance. It warns against losing hope and emphasizes the need to reconnect with your inner light and rekindle faith in yourself and the Universe.

The Moon

The Moon card, when upright in a tarot reading, represents intuition, emotions, and the subconscious. It shines a light on the hidden aspects of your life, urging you to delve deeper into your inner self and trust your instincts. The Moon's influence on Earth is profound, affecting tides and cycles, and similarly, it affects your inner world, helping you perceive reality more clearly and defeating darkness and danger. The Moon encourages reconnecting with the feminine energy, paying close attention to your needs, and nurturing your dreams during this mysterious period. Conversely, when reversed, The Moon indicates the disconnection, repressed emotion, and confusion, leading to disconnect, deception, and the breaking of illusions. It signifies a time to confront and clear out confusion, allowing for emotional healing and clarity by handling what lies hidden in the darkness.

The Sun

The Sun card, when upright in a tarot reading, signifies joy, warmth, prosperity, and vitality, bringing a positive influence to your life. Its radiant energy illuminates even negative cards, indicating that abundance and favorable outcomes are close. The Sun symbolizes the divine masculine, contrasting with The Moon's divine feminine energy. When The Sun appears, you feel confident and enthusiastic, ready to embark on new projects and celebrate the fruits of your past efforts. The Sun suggests that anything is possible and you are supported during this precious time. Conversely, when reversed, The Sun indicates negative thoughts, delays, fatigue, and unforeseen adjustments, reminding you that setbacks can be surpassed by maintaining a positive outlook, adapting to changes, and showing up. Despite these challenges, the underlying energy of The Sun still encourages optimism and resilience.


The Judgment card, when upright in a tarot reading, signifies judgment, renewal, and inner calling, indicating a call to step into a new life cycle and fully embrace your essence. This card represents a spiritual awakening, where reflection and reevaluation come naturally, allowing you to make adjustments that align with your true self and renew parts of your life. This card is favorable, indicating sound decision-making and maturity, reflecting on past actions, and using those lessons to move forward. Challenges are easily resolved, and the energy of renewal and enlightenment is strong. Conversely, when reversed, the Judgment card points to self-doubt and inner criticism, indicating self-judgment, insecurity, and indecision. It warns against allowing these negative thoughts to hold you back and highlights the need to listen to your inner calling and embrace your true path, despite any fears or uncertainties.

The World

The World card, when upright in a tarot reading, signifies completion, accomplishment, and travels, representing fulfillment and celebration as the final card of the Major Arcana journey. This card represents the culmination of your hard work and sacrifices, showing that success is assured and everything is getting into place. Take your time to celebrate and rejoice in your accomplishments, knowing you have the inner strength and self-awareness to decide when to embark on a new journey. When you feel ready, The World card assures that love, financial freedom, recognition, and new goals are within reach, giving you the freedom to choose your next path. The world is yours to explore and enjoy. Conversely, when reversed, The World card points to seeking personal closure, taking shortcuts, stagnation, and pessimism. It warns against allowing obstacles to prevent you from achieving true fulfillment and encourages confronting and overcoming these barriers to reach your full potential and enjoy the success that awaits.

And we have completed our journey through the Major Arcana Cards. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the meaning of the Major Arcana cards and their journey. If you're interested in gaining professional insights, be sure to check out Vanessa Somuayina's courses.

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