Sunstone Healing Properties and Meaning

Sunstone is a gemstone that is known for its unique beauty and healing properties. It has been used for centuries by healers and shamans to connect with the divine. This gem heightens intuition while helping you to nurture yourself. It can also be used to clear all your chakras and can be a great stone for those who are looking for something light-inspiring. This gemstone can assist with struggles and challenges in life, helping us achieve what once seemed impossible. Sunstone is a stone of joy and peace, bringing plenty of good vibes into your life. It can help in personal transformation and motivation. This stone may help you find the answers to material matters or spiritual questions.

Sunstone crystal also helps with depression and lifts dark moods. The stone is perfect to bring light to cold long winter nights or whenever you feel down. This crystal helps reverse feelings of failure and insecurities giving the must-needed confidence and energy to overcome the darkest times. It allows you to have a truly positive take on events and it's great when used in conjunction with gratitude meditation or journaling. Meditation and journaling are one of the most valuable practices for our health and wellbeing. It also assists in relieving sadness by promoting self-empowerment and clearing negative energy. 

It also assists in relieving anxiety and stress by promoting self-empowerment and clearing negative energy. Therefore, it is a must-have for stressful situations, to ensure that you take out the most of it, you wear it as a piece of jewelry. It can also be carried in a purse or placed in a room but when we are going through tough periods it's more effective to wear it, this way we can ensure that we are benefiting from it, even in unpredictable situations or places. Furthermore, its color brings warmth and positive energy to the spirit. In color therapy, yellow is associated with feelings of joy, happiness, hope, self-esteem, and creativity. Orange also invites happiness and it's excellent for a creative boost. Red's a passionate, energizing color and can help us with vitality and stamina when we feel tired. And these are all related colors to this gem.

Sunstone Gem

It can be used to balance and cleanse the sacral and solar plexus chakra, restore vitality and bring joy. The sacral chakra is responsible for prosperity, emotions, creativity, intimacy, and sexuality, building another baseline of our primary needs, while the solar plexus chakra is related to self-esteem, confidence, and power. Along with sunstone, you can use aromatherapy and essential oils like thyme, lime, or ginger roots. Thyme is a sacred herb that can be used in many ways. It is known to promote healing, and increase vitality. It also has been used to protect from negativity. Lime is perfect for providing an increase of exuberance, while ginger has energizing powers.

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