Spiritual intelligence – What is it and how to tap into it

We all have heard about cognitive intelligence and emotional intelligence but what about spiritual intelligence? What is it, and how can we tap into its greatness? Well, we all have three dimensions of intelligence, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual, that are demarcated by our ability to learn and use new skills in life, and this improves our well-being and happiness levels. To better illustrate, spiritual intelligence is like entering a room and being able to feel the vibe of what's going on, of reading the energy in the room. It's when we are aware of ourselves, others, situations, energy, and intuition all combined. Spiritual intelligence in conjunction with emotional intelligence can take us a long way by complementing our ability to recognize and cope with feelings, energy, awareness, and intuition. 

Actions you can take to expand spiritual intelligence:

Being responsible for your own life and decisions, learning from your mistakes, and keeping calm in difficult situations can also be a sign that you're a spiritually intelligent person. Not putting the responsibilities of your actions upon others or life circumstances takes awareness and even courage. And we should strive for this, owning our decisions and actions.

Self-awareness, understanding who you are and what really drives you is also a fundamental factor. Having a clear intention in life and direction on all spheres of life, home, friends, community, and so on. Understanding how it is all connected and what's your "role". It's also knowing your values and morals and letting those values steer the wheel.

Humility, compassion, and empathy are major aspects of being able to respect others and their differences. It's having the ability to put yourself in others' shoes and that's a beautiful thing! Being able to actively listen and learn is also crucial for this point. It can also be perceiving others' potential and helping them to explore that potential, which is extremely gratifying.

Spiritually intelligent people tend to think, speak and act aligned. Acting with integrity, honesty, and respecting their inner values. Spiritual intelligence is, in a nutshell, being aware, humble, and open-minded, it's being able to actively listen, reflect, and embrace new ideas. Understanding that life is ever-changing and that some things are out of our control. Is being able to see the full picture instead of getting lost in small details, and to act accordingly.

If you wish to increase your spiritual intelligence, it is important to keep open-minded, to be self-aware, live a life with purpose, and understand that everything is connected, we are one, all part of the same magic. In a way, we are never alone, and that's a lovely pearl of wisdom. A crystal that can assist you on this journey is Clear Quartz, it's great to amplify energy and intentions, helps clarify situations, opens intuition to gain insight, and opens higher awareness and psychic abilities which is great for meditation.

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