How to Smudge and Bring Positive Energy to Your Home

Why Should You Smudge Your Home?

Smudging is a tradition that has been used for centuries as a way to purify and cleanse spaces. There are multiple reasons why you should smudge. Smudging helps to remove any negative energy that may be lingering in your home or workspace. It also helps with spiritual growth, healing, and protection. There are many different types of plants that can be used for smudging, such as sage, cedar, lavender, rosemary, or palo santo. White sage is the most famous and typical herb for smudging. White sage is said to have a purifying and cleansing effect on the air, while also promoting healing. It can be burned in a bowl, on incense sticks, or on smudge sticks.

3 Keys to Successfully Smudging Your Home

Smudging is a ceremony that uses the smoke of herbs and plants to cleanse and purify a space. The first key to successfully smudging any home is to clear the area beforehand. The second key is to say a blessing before smudging or to keep conscious of the intention. This will help you clear your mind and focus on what you want to do. The third key is how often you should be smudging. You should smudge at least once every three months, but it's best if you do it after an event where there was a lot of negativity, such as after moving into a new home or after having negative guests over for dinner.

How to Smudge Your House

Smudging your home is an important ritual that can assist you to clear away negative energy. Start by tidying up your house and take some time to collect the required materials for the ceremony. To ensure the ashes stay contained and avoid accidents, you should have a fireproof container to hold the stick. It doesn't need to be special or fancy, just something like a bowl or shell will suffice. It's also important to have a bowl of sand be used to put out the smudge sticks after the ritual is complete. Take your time and start from the beginning until you return to where you started. The steps are as follows:

- Light the end of a smudge stick or bundle of sage and wave it over your head in a circular motion. A feather can also serve to spread the mist.

- While waving the smudge stick, stroll around your house, starting at the front door. Hold the fireproof receptacle underneath the smudge as you go.

- As you move, say or think of your blessings or intentions for protection and guidance. 

- After completing each room, put out the smudge stick in the boll of sand.

- In addition, crystals for protection can be added to spaces, especially in the entrance area.


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