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Private Tarot Reading (20-Minute Video File, 15+ Different Cards)

$278.00 CAD

Wouldn't it feel reassuring to receive personal messages from the Divine about a situation in your life that is causing you confusion, anxiety, or stress? Do you believe that hearing from your angels or your future self would provide you with the necessary guidance and confidence to move forward on your life path? Is your business in trouble or do you need psychic advice regarding your career?

Whether you have a burning inquiry about your career, love life, reoccurring synchronicities, or just want to hear messages from your current spirit guides - I can help you gain a deeper understanding of your situation.

Each tarot reading will be sent to you via e-mail within 8 days after receiving your order (However, please let me know if it is very urgent for a quicker turnaround time if possible). The benefit of a recorded video reading is that you may save the information and re-watch it whenever necessary. Your private reading will be approximately 20 minutes long. Simply add your question to the ‘order notes’ field on the bottom left of your shopping basket. You may also add additional information such as your zodiac sign and a quick summary of your situation.

Express 72hr Delivery Available 

If you wish to have ongoing support or advice on creating your own spiritual business model please feel free to email me (, and we can work out a personalized plan to help you reach your goals. 

Should you have any doubts about my readings, please visit my YouTube channel (@Vanessa_Somuayina), where I offer a plethora of free example readings to a current following of over 498k. This way, you may gain the certainty that I am the right match to provide you with the information you need prior to any commitments.

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