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Dark Heart Tarot Deck & Guidebook (new release)

$83.00 CAD


Created By Vanessa Somuayina 

Illustrated by Ana Bastos


Each Dark Heart Tarot Deck Includes:

  • A Stunning Magnet Box With Soft Touch Finish and 
  • Eye-catching Gold Foil on Box, Guidebook, and Cards
  • Complete 78-Card Tarot Deck 
  • Full-Colour Guidebook With Foil Details
  • 100-Page Guidebook with a Description Of Each Individual Card 
  • Card Meanings for Upright and Reverse
  • Dark Blue Ribbon For Easy Card Extraction
  • Cards Printed On Ultra-High Quality 350gsm Paper
  • 100% Custom Card Size For an Easy & Satisfying Shuffling Experience 





Welcome to the mysterious world of The Dark Heart Tarot

This 78-card Tarot deck and guidebook is a tool for everyone fearless enough to embrace the unconventional and unfamiliar. Allow this deck of cards to bring bold and unapologetic energy into your life when you need it most. Reach for your Dark Heart Tarot deck whenever you desire clarity or intuitively feel nudged to receive direction from the Universe. The Dark Heart Tarot will help you to become comfortable in the shadows while still enabling you to embrace your light. Every aspect of your heart is worthy of being loved and celebrated. The world is already aware of this truth; but are You?

Yours truly,

Vanessa Somuayina 



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