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Complete Chakra Gemstone Mala Necklace

$206.00 CAD $275.00 CAD

These hand-knotted gemstone chains combine the ancient tradition of the malas with the colors of the seven chakras and the power of the protective stone black tourmaline (stab.). Each of the seven selected gemstones (amethyst, sodalite, blue chalcedony, aventurine, orange calcite, red chalcedony and garnet) represents one of the chakras with its color; Eight 6mm balls are knotted into each chakra stone. The chakra balls are accompanied by a total of 52 balls made of Schörl (black tourmaline), the classic protective stone of modern stone medicine.

As a guru pearl, a ball made of rhodium-plated silver with an Om symbol can be found in the mala chain, at the other end there is a small silver plate with a section from the flower of life. An overall powerful combination of symbols and gemstones, which is also visually very attractive!

Length of the handmade Mala chain including tassel approx. 47cm.

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