Signs that you are going through Spiritual Awakening

You've probably heard about spiritual awakening before. To most people, it may seem like an abstract concept that is hard to grasp. Seeming like something intangible and ethereal. A lot of people are interested in developing this notion of spiritual awakening but it's hard to achieve something when we don't quite grasp it.

This perception of enlightenment and clarity happens when one can step back from daily life to be able to see the whole picture, the deeper meaning of life, and what matters most. In the beginning, this can feel unsettling, bringing some kind of discomfort but that's ok. It is part of the process and one only grows when pushed outside the comfort zone. But this process gives us more than discomfort, it also brings us bliss, wonder, and excitement that comes from new realizations, curiosity, and exploration.

We all at some point in life have searched for a deeper meaning in life and asked questions like who am I, What am I doing here, or What's the meaning of life? And this is part of the process of developing a higher state of consciousness. However, most of us have these thoughts, those burning questions when kids, and then forget about it as we grow old, losing that sense of wonder and curiosity that pushes us to discovery and reflection.

When adults, what usually triggers this spiritual awakening are life events, and it can be something small or big that urges us to take the leap and to see what's on the other side. This can be caused by life changes, such as losing your job, failing in school, feeling depressed, trauma, or simply an age crisis. Some, happen to be someone predisposed to spirituality, intuitively searching for meaning, and can see things from a different perspective.

Some clues that you are starting or going through a spiritual awakening:

  1. You feel disconnected, suddenly certain aspects in life lose sense and you feel detached from previous patterns, people, and beliefs. You start to question everything and you can even feel like an outsider. This means that you took a step back and are now able to see the full picture, making you question things that were previously given. You may reevaluate your job, habits, and goals in life to experience a more purpose-driven life.
  2. The way you connect with others changes, altering your relationships. This process can be tough and a gift at the same time. Some relationships may improve while others may suffer in an initial phase. It's an adaptation process, let the transformation happen. Respect and ask for respect, let the people that you love know what you are going through, and ask for support. But in the end, you need to remember that it is you who are going through this spiritual awakening, not the other person, it can happen of course but everyone has their own journey. The bottom line here is that you should avoid at all costs trying to change someone.
  3. You start to experience synchronicities and your intuition is on the rise! The synchronicities may be recurrently seeing the same number or thinking of someone that sends you a message right after that. And your intuition is sharp and loud, giving you hints about certain circumstances and how to proceed in specific situations. 
  4. Your authenticity radar is on! It is easier for you to perceive when people are trying to deceive or manipulate you. This is owed, largely to your intuition and fresh awareness, it's truly a gift and a huge factor in improving your life and relationships.
  5. You feel hopeful and more optimistic. It's like a new world, things change when you look at them from a different perspective. And this opens a new exciting world of opportunities.

All these changes can be challenging, first, you start questioning everything you thought was true and meaningful, like some life choices, beliefs, or relationships. In this stage, you may feel disconnected or confused because what once had meaning, no longer makes sense. This can lead you to a stage when you feel like you hit rock bottom because suddenly you have no anchors or references, this signifies that it is time to begin a new journey and build yourself up. It's when you start to embrace the change and experiment with new ways of life, searching for what is really meaningful to you, that you will be able to build new anchors, discovering what's best for you and who you desire and should be. This is a trial and error phase. Eventually, you will find yourself being more confident and surrendering to your brand-new realizations, embracing the new YOU.

One tool that you may find useful to assist you on your spiritual awakening journey is tarot readings and journaling. Tarot readings can bring light to what was once obscured. They are a great tool for reflection and guidance that can help you recognize strengths and weaknesses, empowering you to live the life you desire. If you are interested in getting your own tarot deck and learning about it here are some suggestions: Tarot Decks & Classes. These tarot decks are really helpful because they come with a guidebook.

Journaling is also an amazing tool to support you during this process and to help you obtain clarity of mind and direction.

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