Larimar Crystal, the Healing Stone of the Sea

Larimar Meaning & History

Larimar is an attractive bluish variety of pectolite found only in the Dominican Republic. It forms from lava and is also known as the Atlantis stone, hence the title healing stone of the sea. It reports to the ocean, calm and power. 

Larimar Healing Properties & Uses

Larimar stones are often used to promote tranquility and peace, frequently seen in stunning pieces of jewelry. They are said to help with emotional healing and have an empowering effect by facilitating speaking the truth. It is said to increase individual power, which means it helps you find your true purpose. Larimar is excellent for people who have a difficult time finding love. It's also a stone for those who are feeling restless or unsettled and need to reconnect with their inner calm. Larimar is a high-vibrational crystal that helps you find your spiritual equanimity and alleviates feelings of fear. Larimar is said to help you meet your challenges with tranquility while radiating love and peace. Wearing this stone induces a deeply meditative state and May facilitate communication with other realms. Larimar is an excellent crystal for healing past-life relationships and breaking harmful karmic patterns.

Larimar: The Jeweled Gem that Brings Serenity and Wisdom to Your Life

Larimar is a beautiful blue stone that has been used for centuries as a way to speak your truth and relax. Larimar jewelry can be great for those who are looking for something to help them find serenity, speak their truth, and have relaxation. All gemstones and crystals work best when in contact with the body. This is because gemstones emit their energy which can help them resonate with ours. And Larimar is a gemstone that's been found to have great benefits when placed directly against the body. So we can benefit from the divine healing vibes being sent straight to where they're needed the most.
A Larimar pendant, for instance, places the gemstone directly against the throat. This helps to improve communication potentials as well as clear out any blocked chakra points in that area. Larimar can also be worn as a bracelet or ring to keep the energy going. 🦋

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