How You Can Still Make 2020 A Successful Year

So far, 2020 has been, well... interesting to say the least.

But that does not mean that you cannot still turn things around. With the challenges, we've been facing on a global scale, it can be easy to slip into a spiral of feeling depleted and depressed. Everyone you speak to seems to not quite be themselves, including you. But there's a reason why you've stumbled across this blog post, so make sure you do not take this sign from the Universe for granted! 

Theoretically speaking, there is absolutely no reason why 2020 can't still be the best year of your life. Sure, things are a little different and as humans, we are learning to adjust to a different way of life. This does not need to be scary or negative.

Look at the remaining months of 2020 as an opportunity for you to evolve and make the most of your life. If you are reading this, you are most likely still a part of the wealthiest and most fortunate percentage of the human population. You have access to the internet, food, shelter, and water, which many people aren't fortunate enough to say about their circumstances. Let that sink in and feel a deep sense of gratitude rise up in you - Life could be worse, don't you agree? 

And of course, just because life could be worse does not mean that you don't have your own fair share of problems - I am by no means trying to undermine your struggles. But putting your challenges into perspective and realizing how fortunate you still are can be consoling. You can then realize that you have a choice, which is a blessing in itself. You have a choice to be happy and make the most of the rest of the year. You also have a choice to feel gratitude instead of lack. You choose whether you see 2020 as a terrible year in your life, or a year that was personally challenging but provided you with many lessons you otherwise would've never been able to learn. 

It all comes down to your perspective and how much you allow yourself to adjust your personal opinion. While I will agree that economically speaking, 2020 has been a disaster for many, I disagree with statements about this year having 'ruined' everything. Looking at the short term, yes, it's been hard. But in the long run, 2020 can be remembered as a valuable lesson and wake-up call for humanity. A tough-love reminder that we are not invincible and still have to respect nature in all its power and beauty. 

Be one of those people who allowed the year 2020 to stand for growth and realizations. Be part of the movement to do better as a species in order to prevent such a crisis from happening again while still being able to look back at 2020 knowing you made the best of things - And in turn learned invaluable life lessons.

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