How to attract good things in life

Let's discuss how manifestation can help you attract good things in life. The law of attraction states that your thoughts and feelings can shape your life. That you will attract the same type of energy that you put out there. For example, if you greet someone with a genuine smile they will most likely return with a friendly smile, giving back to you the same energy. Or if you are truly excited about something you will attract people with the same interests or someone that can help you in some way, or even be drawn to situations that may help you achieve your dreams. When the frequency is in the right place, you will more easily encounter someone as excited as you about your interests, and wanting to be a part of it! Your dreams can be related to any area of your life, health, finance, love, school, or career.

This doesn't mean though that you need to feel great all the time, negative thoughts and emotions will rise and that's ok. Just process your feelings and pay attention to your thoughts to avoid unnecessary overthinking and release bad energies. The other trick is when you are going to do something or meet someone, put your mind to it and adjust your frequency.

Honor your emotions, be aware of your thoughts and of how they make you feel. Don't be afraid to feel the good and the bad, it is natural and what makes us human. Practice gratitude and compassion to nurture a genuinely positive mindset. By being aware of your thoughts and emotions you can consciously change your energy. Ask yourself, 'Why am I feeling this?', make an effort to understand, process, and move on. This way you avoid getting stuck in a downward spiral, and you will keep your energy where it needs to be.

Be grateful, but really feel it, this will surely raise your energy. Especially if it is already part of your morning or night routine. This is a great mood booster and also an important part of manifestation. You can start with easy things, like being alive and having the chance to pursue your dreams, and then move forward to a deeper state of gratitude.

Cultivate compassion towards yourself and others. When we think of compassion we think of others but it's important to include ourselves. This will help you keep a positive mindset through difficult times. It will allow you to be kind to yourself, as a friend would, increases love, and strengthens relationships. If you have a hard time being compassionate with yourself, wearing a piece of Rose Quartz crystal jewelry can be an excellent aid and reminder, it increases unconditional love, kindness, and compassion.

Do a self-inquiry to access certain beliefs and mechanisms that are slowing you down. Like, repressed emotions, lack of communication skills, and limiting beliefs about yourself and life. It's like the story of the elephant and the rope, the story goes that when baby elephants are tied with a rope to a stake, they will try to free themselves with no success, therefore they stop trying. Once they are full-grown, a rope and a stake are all it takes to keep them guarded, they will not try to escape again because they believe that is an impossible endeavor. Even if the morality of this story is questionable (tying up baby elephants), this proves the point that sometimes our believes are not true, even if they were in the past, circumstances change. There are stories that we tell ourselves that only serve as obstacles and that we need to identify.

As Vanessa Somuayina puts it "Energy doesn't lie"! So, if you are interested in knowing more about manifestation, check out her video series for amazing insights about manifestation, discover the difference between manifestation and the law of attraction, tricks, and common mistakes! Here's the link for the first one, Manifestation 101 - A Beginner's Guide to Manifesting Anything, Quickly! 

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