Vanessa Somauyina's April 2021 Celestial Events Prediction

Below are the most important celestial events coming in April of 2021. Make sure you mark your calendar to help you become more aware of the energies surrounding you.

The Sun is situated in Aries and Taurus during April, which makes for an expansive combination. While Aries pushes for self-fulfillment and getting things done, Taurus is laid back and in no rush at all. A tug of war between being ultra productive and procrastination should not surprise you after reading this blog post. 

On the 3rd of April, we have Mercury entering Aries. Energies will be high and powerful, so this is a great time for you to plan big workouts or deadlines that require you to give it your all.

The New Moon on the 11th of April will be in Aries, with the astrological transits being Venus square Pluto. Scheduling in a long bath or massage will help you calm your body and mind, which is what you need in order to plan ahead. New Moons are a time for new beginnings, so ensure you are starting this next cycle on the most balanced note possible. 

Mercury enters Taurus on the 19th, with the Sun entering Taurus on the same day. The 19th of April will most likely feel busy but steady at the same time, allowing you to sense that you are in control of your destiny. Take the opportunity of this subtle and humble confidence being present and funnel it into part of your life where you are in the leadership role - in your job, as a parent, as leader of a school project - you've got this. 

Later in April, our Full Moon in Scorpio will be illuminating the sky on the 26th of April. Full Moons in Scorpio can be especially challenging when you find yourself holding a grudge against someone who betrayed or hurt you. Releasing those negative emotions will work wonders for you. Journal about your feelings, speak to the person in question or engage in a mediation retreat nearby - Either way, shifting your personal vibration is necessary in order to free you from unhelpful thoughts and feelings. 

Enjoy your April 2021. You will never be this old again, and you will never be this young again either. Moments are fleeting, so make the most of each instant. 

Sending you love, 



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