Every now and then we feel the urge to reconnect with our partner or spouse and that's super good for overall happiness levels and satisfaction in a relationship. Every relationship needs work and nourishment, to keep it balanced and healthy. As couples settle into a routine it's easy to neglect some simple aspects that make our lives better. Here we are going to look at 5 ways to reconnect with our partner that are super easy to implement. 

  1. Ask more open questions and actively listen – This is a powerful way to connect with others whether it's a romantic relationship, friendship, family, or even at work. You will be surprised how many fresh insights we can get from our partner when we refrain from taking over the conversation. At first, it might feel strange but the more you do this the more natural it will feel. For example, when we ask how was your day, really pay attention to what's being said and ask follow-up questions, this way not only you are showing that you are listening but you are encouraging your partner to speak openly.
  2. Get creative and do new things together – You know that home DIY project that you have been postponing? Ask your partner to join and get creative! Or find other creative activities that you are both fond of, it's a great way to spend time together and strengthen bonds. Teamwork is a great way to reconnect and have fun. Furthermore, artistic activities are very beneficial to mental health. 
  3. Go on a Trip – Going on a trip can be challenging especially for couples who spend most of their time at work. Traveling requires logistics and spending a lot of time together which can feel overwhelming at first but it's also a great opportunity to do new things together, practice active listening, and get intimate. Take the time to really appreciate your relationship and celebrate your love. Bonus, planning a journey is an amazing way to connect and share life goals.
  4. Practice self-care together, like going to the spa or a retreat – It's a wonderful way to relax and nourish the relationship. You don't need anything fancy, a meditation session as a couple may also do the trick. Try a gratitude meditation while holding a rose quartz crystal, rose quartz is the gem of unconditional love.
  5. Make a playlist especially designed for each other – What is a better way to show how much you love and know your better half than creating a personalized playlist? Or even several playlists, for a special dinner or a romantic night, with music that resonates with you as a couple. Music is super powerful in creating great memories of time spent together.


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