5 Steps To Integrate Into Your Morning Ritual In Under 5 Minutes!

Some Days we get up and start rushing from one thing to another, getting ready for work, groceries, house chores, task after task, drifting through life. And in the end, we feel like we didn't accomplish anything that really matters. 

This 5 minutes ritual is perfect for those hectic days and the intention is to start the day's focus laser with a clear picture of what needs to happen. You can obviously do this ritual daily but allocating more time whenever possible and even adding some exercise into the ritual. 

  1. Be grateful as you wake up just by being alive and breathing, it's truly a gift, another day another opportunity to be your best self! Have more things to be great for? Wonderfull, be thankful for all of them and feel that sense of well-being, confidence, and motivation.
  2. Drink water, this should be one of the first things you do after waking up because you're most likely dehydrated after so many hours without drinking. Hydration is a key factor both for physical and mental performance. Treat well your body and your body will give back.
  3. Do a 1-minute mindful meditation, it's the perfect time to tune in. You can do a quick meditation focusing on breathing, this will help you not to start the day overwhelmed by the busy day ahead. You can also return to your breathing any time of the day if you feel anxious or need a break.
  4. Set the intention for the day and visualize it. Think of what you wish to achieve during the day and how you prefer to react to situations that you know you will encounter. Imagine you being successful and really feel. Visualize your better self, confident and kind. This way you can navigate throughout your day with a clear purpose and without getting lost with tasks that are not that urgent or other distractions. 
  5. Write down your thoughts, how you feel, what you're grateful for, and what you expect from the day, it's like a resume of almost every point above. Having a quartz crystal nearby will help to clarify your thoughts. When we are stressed the thinking process gets more difficult and it's hard to make the right choices in that state but if we have a clear intention we will not get lost in the process so easily. Writing your thoughts will help you organize your ideas in advance.

And that's it! 5 simple steps that you can do in just 5 minutes, feel free to personalize your morning ritual. The important thing is to put aside some me-time at the beginning of the day.

Another idea that can do wonders is to prep everything you need on the night before, to help you save time. Moreover, you will have fewer choices to do, all these small brain activities, like choosing, remembering, processing information requires energy and choosing can be quite hard sometimes. So decide ahead what you are going to dress, put aside everything you need like if you're having an important video meeting, leave the room and desk ready, and prepare a list of the important tasks.

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