Why Journaling Is So Important – Benefits of Journaling

Have you ever wondered why journaling is becoming so significant and a growing movement? Journaling is an affordable and super effective way to process emotions, ideas, unburden, and an act of self-care. It allows us to take a break and reflect, even if just for a few minutes a day.

The benefits of journaling are enormous, being more mindful, getting better at communicating, clarity of thought, and even a more relaxed life with better sleep and more confidence. This is the power of journaling!

For instance, labeling emotions has a positive effect on people. Identifying emotions helps to reflect and to cope with those same emotions. Only by naming our emotions will we understand and resolve them, we have to know what we are dealing with in order to address it. Journaling is likewise extremely effective in goals setting because it allows you to check-in, keep the focus, and celebrate the small victories. 

If all this seems appealing to you, one of the best ways to get started is to create a ritual that leads you to your goal. It can be preparing a cup of tea, putting the slips on once you arrive home, or sitting at a desk with some candles and crystals. The important thing is to discover something to trigger the desirable action, journaling in this case. It is best to do it on a daily basis but if you miss a day or two don't beat yourself up. Even 3 times a week is enough to improve your happiness levels when continued.

Some of the well-known benefits of journaling are:

  • It reduces stress and anxiety
  • It cultivates gratitude
  • Build awareness of emotions, relationships, and circumstances
  • Helps identify and process emotions
  • Promotes creativity & problem-solving skills
  • Helps track goals and new habits

If you are browsing for journal options you can simply use a blank notebook or purchase a gratitude journal to guide you through this process. Personally, I love using a gratitude journal that encourages and guides me through it. Check out My Gratitude & Mindfulness Journey, it has two daily pages where you are invited to reflect on your emotions and document your personal growth daily. And after each month of daily reflections, you are invited to fill out a progress report. This will help you look back on just how far you have come. This journal has approximately three months' worth of pages.


Happy journaling!

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