Malachite is a gorgeous green stone, with darker and lighter shades, and as with most of the green crystals, it's connected to the heart, nature, prosperity, healing, and growth. This stone is usually polished, which intensifies its mesmerizing appearance. 

Excellent for manifestation, balance, and abundance. It's known as the stone of transformation because it is so powerful with the energies, cleaning and protecting them, and amplifying intentions. Perfect for that extra dose of courage and to help you step out of your comfort zone, it's a kind reminder to move on and leave behind what no longer serves you.

This stone amplifies energy and absorbs negative energies and pollutants very easily, thus being exceptional for emotional healing and protection. The stone also is excellent at guarding against radiation of all kinds.

Malachite corresponds to the heart chakra, the fourth chakra, which vibrates green and is related to unconditional love, kindness, and forgiveness. You can use it while meditating to balance the heart chakra or when writing in your gratitude journal. 

Furthermore, it is excellent at grounding spiritual energies. Malachite is quickly becoming one of the most important healing stones available. Perfect for when you need to get rid of toxic emotions, and for clearing unwanted energies and gaining confidence, a great companion for times of change.

Malachite is a very versatile and spectacular healing stone. It is excellent when dealing with cramps and menstrual cramps and helps with childbirth. The stone also helps lower blood pressure and release stress.

It is also great to have one Malachite in the room when you need to be creative or manifesting because it will amplify your intentions. And it is excellent to have near the front door or an entryway for protection, it will absorb all the bad and unwanted energies, and move up energy in stagnant places. 

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