How your mindset can change your life

We all have heard before that to achieve something we want, it is just a matter of having the right mindset. But what does this even mean? Our mindset is deeply connected to thinking patterns that are responsible for our actions. These thinking patterns are often hidden from our conscious mind, and they help us to navigate through life but they can sometimes keep us stuck in the same patterns without even realizing it, stopping us from growing and improving.

We can improve our mindset by switching from a fixed to a growth mindset. A fixed mindset is closed, it's when we have our beliefs and avoid new challenges, choosing to stay in our comfort zone. There is the fear of failing and the belief that each one's talent is innate, so we stick to what we know without taking risks. 

A growth mindset on the other hand consists of trying new things, being open to experiences, criticism, and improvements. To be open to developing new talents and interests without worrying too much and focusing on learning and goals. Mistakes are just part of the process, and new skills take time and effort.

To help you shift your mindset to a growth one, try to identify your fixed mindset . Things like "I'm not good at cooking", aren't necessarily true, right? Have you really tried and put some effort into learning how to cook? Did you believe that you could learn how to cook? You truly have to believe it to achieve it, if you don't believe it, you won't put the necessary effort and care into growing new skills. So, anytime you think that you would love to do something but that you are not good at it, just think twice. You only need to learn it and that takes time! We often get discouraged when facing difficulties as mistakes but, if you believe in yourself you are just one step closer, learn to value the process, and be open to others' feedback. Sometimes, it's tough to hear criticism but don't take it personally, instead take it constructively. 

Be mindful of your mindset, if it's blocking you from achieving your dreams remember that you can accomplish nearly anything that your mind can think of, but first you need to believe it and visualize it.

Then put in all the hard work, learning, and practising, and keep in mind that each mistake takes you closer to your goal if you simply learn from it.

If you need some extra help to keep you motivated, try holding a Carnelian stone, it gives courage, promotes positive life choices and motivates success in business. The stone also helps you to trust yourself and your perceptions.

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